21st Century Programming

Long Beach, California

Recycling software company offering operations management software designed for the recycling industry. The Recycling Operations Manager (ROM) is the premiere software for the recy...

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Advanced MRF, a division of CP Group

San Diego, California

Founded in 2005 and acquired by CP Group in 2012, Advanced MRF is a Siemens Solution partner, designing high-tech automation that acts as the brains of CP Group's advanced sorting ...

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Stamford, Connecticut

Business management software for recycling plants and brokers. Receiving/shipping, scale integration, documentation, inventory control and more. Supports domestic and international...

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DestructData Inc.

North Andover, Massachusetts

Supplies portable tools for destroying data on hard drives and optical media as well as data recovery tools.

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Enterprise Codeworks Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Represents the TOPS/4 System, incorporating weighscale integration, contract management, receiving and shipping, freight, inventory, accounting and quality control.

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