ATO Flow Meter

2423 Grey Fox Farm Road
Houston, Texas 77006
Tel: 832-499-4111


ATO is customer-cenrtic and aims to continue to work on process automation sensors and instruments. That's why our subwebsite -- ATO Flow Meter comes into being. We focus on meeting customer's requirements, specifications, and reducing customer's total costs. ATO Flow meter also pays attention to users should assess the fluid of interest and its characteristics (e.g., pressure, viscosity, temperature), so that meters can match the particular application. Although the world we live in has dramatically changed on many levels, a few things remain the same for ATO Flow Meter – our focus on improving your product and process through precision measurement and control solutions, and our dedication to responsive service and support. Our flow meter products include: Magnetic Flow Meter, Vortex Flow Meter, Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, Portable Flow Meter, Digital Gas Flow Meter and Gas Mass Flow Meter. Besides, for Magnetic Flow Meter, there are Supply voltage 110V AC, 220V AC or 24V DC can be chosen, signal output like pulse output, 4-20 mA output and RS485 communication.

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